Alternative Wallet for Bitcoin Node

Hello Everyone,
I went through the list of provided documentation for being able to connect a wallet to Bitcoin Node,
as issued here.

The problem with this are a few things.

  1. They require TOR to connect to Bitcoin Node,
  2. Electrs seems to be having problems and has discrepancy with what’s displayed here in figure b.

It took less than 3 days to fully sync the bitcoin node to block chain however, its been another 3 days waiting for Electrs to actually do something rather blame the wait game for Bitcoin Node to fully sync.

I have no error logs or nothing to identify either it being an Electrs or Bitcoin Node Issue.

My goal is to connect a wallet directly from my pc to Bitcoin Node on the same network.
Bitcoin Node is a remote machine,

What desktop wallet app can I use to connect to Bitcoin Node machine?
Without using Tor?
Without using Electrs?

Why does Bitcoin Node Display QR network and port details, if the instructions for connecting to it require other apps to be installed on the Umbrel server?

Thankyou in advanced,