BTCPay server Connection refused (

Hey again,
I have installed BTCPay server on my Umbrel pi node and I am getting this message and error in a BTCPay server popup, even though my bitcoin node is 100% synchronized:

Your nodes are synching…

Your node is synching the entire blockchain and validating the consensus rules…


  • The node is offline
  • Last error: Connection refused (

Any idea why I am still getting this message? I installed BTCPay server last week, and have had the message since. I installed BTCPay server after I had already synchronized the bitcoin blockchain, so it was synced from the start.

Where can I go online to get some support for this? I want to chat or use a forum or something where you get feedback.

Is it possible for someone to explain what the number in this error is?

Last error: Connection refused (

Where is BTCPay getting this number?
Is it an IP address and port?
How can I edit this?
Is this something to do with my Bitcoin node?

I have removed BTCPay from the node, rebooted the node, and added BTCPay again, and I still have the exact same error.

In my Umbrel logs I see this for BTCPay server:


web_1 | fail: PayServer: BTC: NBXplorer error Connection refused (

This line is repeated over and over.