Electrs waiting for bitcoin core to finish syncing

Hey all! So after waiting forever for my node to sync it finally just finished yet the electrum server app keeps acting like my node hasn’t synced… what gives? How do I get it to sync with btc core? I tried to connect Sparrow wallet to Electrs but it isn’t working so I’m assuming the problem is on the electrum side. Help please! I’m not very technical and I’m new to umbrel

Assuming nothing is wrong…

Electrs starts to sync separately only after bitcoin core has synced.

I’d just let it do its thing.
My bitcoin sync took about 36hrs, and then Electrs another hour or so after that.

Wow! That’s fast. My node took 3 months to sync lol. It’s a 2GB RAM raspi and my internet is super slow. Hope Electrs doesn’t take that long