Enable HTTPS on Nextcloud

Hello community.

I’m trying to expose Nextcloud via HTTPS to the internet so I can access it from my mobile and the Windows app in a secure manner. But so far, all I got was blood sweat and tears.

So far, I’ve tried this in Github and this in Nextcloud docs with Z E R O success.

Is there an easy way/wiki/tutorial on configuring HTTPS on Nextcloud?

Thanks in advance

I’ll ping @louneskmt on this - I’m not sure if there’s a way to do this right now since everything is routed over tor, but I personally haven’t tried it yet.

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Thanks @jonsyu.

Is it possible to connect both the Android and Windows apps through Tor? Or in a secure manner out of the box?

Or currently Nextcloud is only secure on the internet consuming the web app via Tor?

Ok, I got it.

Solution: Add two new environment variables to the “~/umbrel/apps/nextcloud/docker-compose.yml” file:

  • TRUSTED_PROXIES= umbrel ip address(in my case)

Details: https://github.com/docker-library/docs/blob/master/nextcloud/README.md#using-the-apache-image-behind-a-reverse-proxy-and-auto-configure-server-host-and-protocol

@kerumirembora I added both lines to “~/umbrel/apps/nextcloud/docker-compose.yml” file, with no luck.
Still no https on nextcloud.
That is the only thing I need to do? If the case is not, could you please explain how u got it working step by step (sorry am a noob).

Are you able to access it locally on your own LAN over HTTPS? Do you already have SSL certs loaded?

No to both.

Could somebody write a step by step guide on how to enable HTTPS on Nextcloud please?
I tried following what this post says, but I can’t seem to get it working.


Hello! I’m also looking for a solution to this.
Does anyone have step by steps?

Another new user, looking for simple plain english steps.
Fresh install of Umbrel & Nextcloud, working fine.
Own domain, routed & working fine.
Only http.
Want https.
Any pointers? Looked in the rest of this forum, but unfortunately no one seems to provide a decent guide for newbies.
Thanks in advance.

I second these we please need a step by step guide yall. Is there any security risk apart from MAn in the middle attack with using HTTP?

how did you access “~/umbrel/apps/nextcloud/docker-compose.yml” file ? Like where is that in Umbrel?