Files App "403 Error"

I just installed a fresh install of ubuntu 18.04.6 to install the latest version of umbrel 0.5.3. I already run an umbrel on a rpi4 but wanted to set up a separate umbrel just for jellyfin since my rpi4 was limited on space and gave me some performance issues. Anyway I installed “Files” and “Jellyfin” and jellyfin created a “downloads” folder in Files. My problem is I need to put my media in that downloads for jellyfin to read it but for some reason creating a new folder or uploading a file inside of “downloads” gives a “403 Error”. I only get this error when trying to interact within the “downloads” folder. I went digging through the umbrel files on ubuntu and I think its a permissions issue. Which is strange because I Installed files & jellyfin on my rpi4 and had no such issues with the downloads folder & jellyfin just kinda worked without problems on rpi4. Hope someone can help me out. Thanks

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I’ve been trying for a day and have come up with a possible solution.

Apparently it was a permissions problem, what I did was to change the owner of the ‘downloads’ folder, from root to jpz (my user is ‘jpz’).

Enter a terminal and execute:
sudo chown -R jpz /home/jpz/umbrel/data/storage/downloads

If you installed umbrel as root user probably the directory is:

I hope it works for you.