Force close LND channel but money did not go into wallet

So my node crashed.

I recovered it with 24 word seed. Money that was in wallet returned. I had 1 LND channel open and They force closed. The money did not go back to my wallet. PLEASE HELP

Channel Id: 771453642050043904
Public Key: 0235ea8691bf72ae389f921fa0b1baf161764ae6ded484d8c35da8ccab66b56f31
Forced closed transaction: 807c5e0c99e6ad06cedc054733f20483530480ecb703a707ecec994203931cf8

There’s nothing to help here. You just have to read and learn more about how LN works.
Funds will be returned to your onchain wallet when the release grace time is over.
You can check it by command line, see the troubleshooting manual it is explained there.

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I always go to your bible first. But I read that as the person that initiates the force close must wait.

I did not initiate the force close. The other party did.

Doesn’t matter which side is the initiator. Funds have to go to each side in their onchain wallet.
Did you checked with lncli the status of the tx and see on which block height will be released?

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Any other tips? With your knowledge can you see anything with the info I provide above?

but the the tx is already confirmed

It should have the funds back into your onchain wallet.
Import the seed into BW and check it.
Maybe your node it didn’t rescan the UTXOs.

It should have went to wallet

Is there a way to see what wallet transaction
Went in to?

The wallet is already linked with Bluewallet… should I delete it with bluewallet and then restore again off seed?

try in Zap Desktop the seed.
See more details in this guide:

I did the zap desktop recovery and only the money I had in there was recovered not the money from this forced close channel.

is there any way to tell what wallet the money went to from this?

My on chain wallet for that LND channel is

force close channels sometimes takes long time. Be patient.

this happened to me exactly. the channels have been closed for months and I still don’t have any of the fund back into that wallet. I know my back is correct because when this happened to me a few months ago I was able to recover the funds that were sitting in my wallet before the crash.

Never got my lighting money back. If I get it figured out I’ll tag you in a post here. Please do the same for me.

will do.