Getumbrel Channel inactive for two days now


I had opened a channel to several days ago. Now the channel appears inactive.
Has some event occurred?
What should I do?
How do I resolve the issue…public key:

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Do you have other channels opened?
If you only have one channel open then there is no way to route payments. You likely have the entire channel balance on the local side which means you can only send that amount of sats. Once you send those sats you will see a remote balance for that amount. That remote balance can be used to send funds to you. I suggest opening some other channels and once this is done look to balance them using re-balance in Thunderhub or using Loop in Lightning Terminal. Note, connecting to a well connected node like Getumbrel will help you send and receive payments but it wont be the best for routing payments as there will be other channels that are cheaper and have large liquidity and time opened that will get used more often than your channel. This is why I see it best to have a few well connected node channels and then some routes between plebs that are not capable before you opened said channel.

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Yes, I do have other channels (6 other channels) but none with getumbrel.
Is the get umbrel channel no longer available?

Just tried connecting to them as a peer and can not connect. Possible they are down?
No real need to worry on your end. When they come back online your channel will still be open. There’s no risk of funds being lost. You could still close the channel if you needed to though unless you see them never coming back online or need the funds I’d leave it open.

tried getnodeinfo and they appear to be up as all the info came back, but still can not connect to peer.

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I closed it since it has been down for three days now. I am joining new swaps :slight_smile:

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I am also using …that service is awesome :+1:t5:

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Yea 1ml is a great resource.

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Yes, it is awesome. :slight_smile: