Google can acess your Tailscale

Tailscale requires Google or Microsoft authentication, why is that?
This basicly means Google/Microsoft can access my Umbrel Node at any time.
Is there any alternative?

I don’t believe that using any Ms or Google auth, allows them to read your tail scale.

It’s also not required. You can use email address.

But Can others address this Q: Does 3rd party auth allow that 3rd party in? I think if this was the case then it would have been pointed out as a security hole for hundreds of sites already.


Even if you use e-mail address, it still uses Microsoft/Google Auth, don’t trust me verify your self.

You are 100% required to use Big Tech to authenticate into your Tailscale, which means at any moment these big companys can log-in to your Tailscale and acess your Umbrel.

Tailscale is a HUGE security hole.