Has anyone installed Balance of Satoshis on their Umbrel node?


Would love to get the steps for Install.


I believe it would have to be available in the Umbrel Store for the install to work.

Since it’s command line and LND’s gRPC Port is forwarded out of docker, I think it might work. Gonna give it a try later on and will report here.

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It works as described on the site (npm v12+ needed).
(I’m not running Umbrel-OS here!)

  • install BoS per npm: sudo npm install -g balanceofsatoshis
  • create directory ~/.bos/umbrel/
  • create config file there credentials.json
  • adjust paths to your (replace “user”) umbrel installation as described but keep parameter socket local: "socket": ""

“cert_path”: “/home/user/umbrel/lnd/tls.cert”,
“macaroon_path”: “/home/user/umbrel/lnd/data/chain/bitcoin/mainnet/admin.macaroon”,
“socket”: “”

Usage BoS:
bos --node umbrel balance

$ bos nodes
    node_name: umbrel
    is_online: true

When I run the following install command on Umbrel OS it gives me an error : “npm: command not found”

  • install BoS per npm: sudo npm install -g balanceofsatoshis

You have to first setup “npm” before you use that command. Follow these instructions first and then install Bos.

any issues memory-wise running additional apps on the umbrel?

No issues running BOS

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Hi I just installed balanceofsatoshis

I get stuck at creating directory what is the command to do this also what command do i use to create config credentials.json file?

create directory: mkdir
create file: nano
nano is a text editor. ctrl+o to save, ctrl+x to quit

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thank you