Home Assistant Auto Discovery not working

I have been using Umbrel for the past few months and decided to install Home Assistant to see how well it works. After a successful install I noticed that it was not discovering any of my devices in my home. By modifying the docker-compose file commenting out the default network and adding the line ‘network_mode: “host”’, Home Assistant and its discovery service is working fine (per: Discovery - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)). However (of course) Umbrel’s dashboard (home screen) is not able to launch from the icon, and the status remains at ‘Starting…”, which makes sense (it can no longer connect to the Home Assistant container.

There is a similar post for this problem at: Umbrel Home Assistant vs. VM Home Assistant - Off topic - Umbrel Community (getumbrel.com), but no apparent solution.

I have tried various network changes but have had no luck in getting things working together. Has anyone done this already successfully and could share what I need to do?


  • Umbrel version 0.5.1
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.4 (8GB) / 250GB SSD Drive
  • Wired connection to home network
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I also ran into this issue. I couldn’t figure out how to get HA to scan my home network, oppose to Umbrel

It ended up making Home Assistant unusable for me

I have the same issue. Installed HA in Umbrel but no devices detected. When I use HA from RaspberryianOS within Docker it works fine in detecting my devices