How to setup Umbrel + BTCPAY donation button on your site?

I managed to setup the BTCPAY and attach it to my Bitcoin and LN node. My problem is the embed code given is referencing my internal IP address which is obviously not going to work online. How do I make this work on my public website?

Only by generating / using the onion address of your BTCpay.
If you open BTCpay site from internal Ip it will generate a QR for internal IP.
If you open BTCpay from onion address it wil generate a QR “visible” from tor browsing.
If you open BTCpay from clearnet address it will generate a QR “visible” form clearnet (you will need to make some modifications in your machine for that).
For setting up a clearnet address for your BTCpay (accessible for larger audience) you will need to adapt this guide for BTCpay

Thank you! This seems pretty involved.