Is it possible to get a CSV export from my umbrel node ...or API and Secret?


I am using an app called to track transactions in my portfolio.

Is it possible to get a CSV export from my umbrel node that I can import into ‘’?
I need a simple description (1-4 steps) on how and where to download the file on the exchange.

Does Umbrel have an API key and secret with read-permissions only? Where wouldI find it in my node? supports several exchanges, wallets, miners etc… I’d like to see Umbrel included. :slight_smile:

I am in communication with their development team, so if the above two items are available they will add Umbrel.

Kindly let me know.


This is so necessary. I hope some sort of CSV export feature gets added soon. Tax time is coming…

shitcoins. please stop promoting shitcoins.
Umbrel is Bitcoin ONLY software.


Taxation is theft

I completely agree.

Though even with taxes aside, an organized transaction log would be a nice feature.

all that you can see and export in RTL app or Thunderhub.

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Ah. It was hiding from me, apparently. Finally found it in RTL. That’ll do the trick. Thanks, man!