LNDg autofee + autorebalancing

Hello everyone,

I have been reading experiences and watching videos about people automating some channels of their node through the autofee (AF) and autorebalancing (AR) features of the LNDg app.
It seems pretty interesting.

However, I still have a doubt. How do LNDg avoid lowering fees for a channel that it has just rebalanced? I mean, does this possibility exist at all?
I would avoid enabling these features if, for example, they rebalance a channel with a maximum ppm of 2000 and then they set the fees of that channel to 500 ppm. Do they “talk” with each other?
Has anyone here tested this?

In this case you are exposed to that issue. The best way to avoid that is waiting until all channels are set to the LNDg proposed fees an than start the rebalance. After the first Autofee-run, LNDg doesn’t change the fees in big steps.

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Within the channel card there is an assisted ratio which I’m “assuming” LNDg takes into account when doing the rebalancing?