Matrix and Element Homeserver questions

If someone wants to experiment, you can try to reach me on element:

I just tried this and got “failed to find the following users”. Bummer.

I was able to find you with my embassy instance however :slight_smile:

I think it’s safe to say the Umbrel implementation of Synapse/Matrix is broken and there may only be a handful of us that tried it out.

Forgot to mention this is my Embassy account. Phone with Umbrel account is actually off. EDIT: (still should by findable as my homeserver on Umbrel is running but don’t want to expose my server address here, I’ll explain in next post)

For now I’ll stay on Embassy. After all it’s only experiment because I know literally nobody with Matrix behind Tor🙈 I’m in few Start9Labs rooms only. But it’s nice first step. Hope some day these little Pis will be as common as routers✌️ I’m expecting new generation of users who truly value their privacy.

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One more thing. I don’t want expose my Umbrel Matrix account here because Umbrel has no limitation of new registrations on server. On Embassy after you create account you can switch off new registrations. Not sure if you can do it on Umbrel, there is a danger someone can start spamming your Matrix server with creating dozens of new account.

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This is a really good consideration.

Good suggestion @Vilas1979

Maybe add your observation RE: Matrix unlimited Registrations here:

Or maybe better off putting comment here :

There is an option in btcpay server to close any new registrations…

IDK if this is something that umbrel team can/will implement for Matrix OR would the onus be for Matrix team to implement.

You should be able to disable registrations. For my dedicated homeserver on Raspbian it is in the homeserver.yaml file.

I tried this and also was not able to connect to any public rooms or chat with vilas

I had problems with Orbot for about 3 or 4 weeks so I my homeserver was unreachable. Last Orbot update this weekend and everything works so far. Maybe try again.

This is basically the state of my current progress (and thus, current blocker :slight_smile: ).

If anyone wants to try and connect with my Umbrel-hosted Matrix behind Tor, I believe @cypherpoet:dtve6zsiwvj6etzfrheuizyql3unkxxkfag5xvhbe56utgbddno5w3yd.onion is how you would have to address the invite.