Moving Umbrel node to new hardware

Hi Umbrel community,

I have been running my Umbrel node without issues on a VM running on a HDD and am looking now at upgrading to a new VM running on an SSD.

I would like to move my Umbrel node i.e. the nodes unique name and all its history & reputation (as viewable on 1ML) along with the full btc balance and also all the lightning channels and there balances (not closing them) onto the new hardware that I have.

I want to confirm if this is the correct way to go about this:

Is it simply just build the new VM on the SSD (I’ll make sure the old VM is shutdown) then enter the seed phrase as per the instructions here umbrel/ at master · getumbrel/umbrel · GitHub and as per the comments it will “restore the user’s settings and Lightning network channel data.”

If this is not the case, then how can I make sure I keep my lightning channels & keep the history and my unique node name as per 1ML?

Thanks again for all your time & help regarding this.

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Hmm as no comments I’m assuming that the restore will just restore everything including channel data yeah etc?

Do you have the entire Umbrel installation directory on an HDD? If so, for VMs it’s far more easier and straightforward to just copy the whole Umbrel directory to the new SSD, and then do sudo ./scripts/start in it. Umbrel should then continue work without any downtime, hiccups or recovery required.


Yes I have the whole Umbrel dir, this is most excellent so I’ll try this and advise if I have any issues.

Thank you for your help good sir.

Just a follow up that I now have the added the SSD drive to the VM, copied over all the Umbrel data from the HDD to the new SSD and simply ran the ./scripts/start and it fired up without a hitch :sunglasses:

If anyone has any questions or queries let me know and thanks again for all your help.

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I need to reset the seed phrase. I want reset the personal data. Command : ssh -t umbrel@umbrel.local “sudo systemctl stop umbrel-startup && sudo rm -rf ~/umbrel/lnd/!(lnd.conf) && sudo rm ~/umbrel/db/user.json && sudo rm ~/umbrel/db/umbrel-seed/seed && sudo systemctl start umbrel-startup” does not work for me on Mac osx…I get an error - -bash: !: event not found
Do you know a simple wat to do it…without touching the SSD with the whole BTC system ?

Hmm what I’d probably do is copy everything in the bitcoin dir (so you have the full blockchain copy and don’t have to redownload it) then nuke the rest in the umbrel dir. Download & install umbrel again (should provide a new seed phase) then move the bitcoin dir over.

Did you ever go through with this and what did you do?

Yes as mentioned here:

And my VM was converted to the new SSD with no issues :+1:

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Thanks! It seems deceptively simple…

Did you seriously just copy the entire /umbrel folder from one machine to another then just start it up?

Did the new machine/ VM have Umbrel installed or was copying that folder all that was needed?

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Yeah so the way I had setup the VM was that OS was installed on a M2 drive and I had everything Umbrel related (including btc chain) on the HDD, it was literary just copy Umbrel contents onto the SSD and then run the script and it picked up where it had left off.

Woud this method work with Umbrel 0.5 on a raspberry pi?

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