Node Shuts Off after 1-4 hours


My Node disconnects and stops running after a couple of hours. I have to turn off/on to get it syncing and running again and then it will shut off shortly after.

Any ideas?

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Can you please list every part of your node with links to where you got them from?

I used the Umbrel List and Links on the Umbrel Site. All Amazon.

I have been having this happen too recently. I bought all my stuff from the Amazon list of the main Umbrel site. If I unplug the power, wait a few minutes and plug it back in everything come back online in a few minutes, syncs all the blocks it missed and works just fine. Just odd that it randomly disconnects.

@diamond-hands-mcgee & @attackbtc

What you both are experiencing is SD card corruption. Every time the RasberriPi is shut down improperly you need to re-flash Umbrel software. There are also instances where the card will randomly corrupt and will need to be re-flashed though this occurs a month or two of use. If you do not re-flash then the node will go down 1 to 2 times daily. This issue will occur even with the top rated equipment. Knowing this you can now keep your node up and active for months at a time without issue.

Powering down using the GUI or SSH will not corrupt the card. Disconnecting power while its running will cause corruption every time. You will not lose any data or have to re-sync the blockchain by performing a re-flash as all the data is stored on the SSD.


Thank you for the response but I believe i may have found the issue, I was getting an error page saying there was a DNS issue. I was trying to access the node via umbrel.local, however I ran ipconfig in command prompt and them ran arp -a to get a list of all the devices on my network. I found my node address and used the IP to log in instead of umbrel.local. I believe its a DNS issue not SD corruption.

Thank You! this was key info for this N00b. :v: :+1:

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Just to clarify, I believe @Full_node is correct with the SD Card corruption. Just wanted to make sure people know to use their IP address to access their node in case they ever do have trouble with the default umbrel link