Open a Channel?

I’m running Umbrel on a Raspberry Pi 8GB on a UPS so I’m planning on 24/7/365 uptime. I’ll gladly reciprocate. Thanks!


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Done, 1m Sats.
I PM you my address to reciprocate.

I opened 100,000 sats. Appreciate if you could reciprocate. My pubkey is below


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Hi, I have 9m+ sats available. Can someone please open lightning channel with me? I will reciprocate. Thanks.


Hello friends of the Umbrella community! I am a new passionate about nodes and great technology that marks the future!

I have a node with full availability 24/7, if you want to connect, I thank you in advance. I will be doing the same with you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :laughing: