Pi-Hole - "missing required capability NET_ADMIN"

Hi everybody.
I’ve been running Umbrel on a RPi 4 connected to a 1 GB SSD for a while and noticed that Pi-Hole is now available in the store so I gave it a shot.

I installed it, disabled DHCP on my router, enabled it in the Pi-Hole Interface, but it’s telling me that the DNS service is not running.

Screenshot 2021-09-10 at 10.09.59

The diagnosis tab shows the error “FTL failed to start due to process is missing required capability NET_ADMIN” over and over again.

I found this related Issue on Github but it seems like something that Umbrel might need to update for Pi-Hole to work out-of-the-box.

why doing it ??? enable DCHP and put your DNS1 on your LOCAL pi4 IP eg: 192.168.x.x

Because I got a crappy router from my ISP with literally zero DNS/DHCP settings except for disabling it.

Pi-Hole’s DHCP server would give me more options like also using custom upstream DNS servers and so on.

ah delete the app and install again try it

Same issue on my site. Deleting and reinstalling the app over the Umbrel App Store doesn’t help.
For me it seems that Umbrel doesn’t add net_admin capability on starting the Pihole docker container.

I already tried to manual start a Pihole container with parameters, but I messed more up… .

Any ideas how to solve this?