Questions after recovering node with seed phrase

For reasons beyond my knowledge the electrs folder filled the 1TB SSD disk so I decided to format the disk and redownload the blockchain.

I didn’t know formatting the disk would reset my data, I thought wallet information was kept on the SD card. No problem I have my seed and a not so recent LN channels backup (I opened one new channel after last bakcup)

I restored the node with the seedphrase, The recovery was a successful, however the wallet didn’t show any balance (and it was not empty).

At that moment I wasn’t sure the seedphrase was right so I decided to use Umbrel’s seedphrase with bluewallet, BW displayed the funds correctly.

My first question is why funds are not showing at Umbrel? Did I miss a step during the recovery?

On the other hand, I wasn’t able to recover LN channels yet.

I have RTL-generated backups and I followed the steps (here) but it didn’t work. I read Umbrel keeps a backup of LN channels, how can I request to use that one?

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Hey @dubdam! Is the sync complete? Your funds might not show before that.

Also, automatic encrypted backups are enabled by default on Umbrel, so we likely have one for your node. We will need your backup ID and the last date your Umbrel was up (or the date at which you opened your last channel).

You can get your backup ID by running:

ssh umbrel@umbrel.local "cat umbrel/logs/karen.log | grep 'backup ID' | tail -n 1"

I was finally able to restore the chanels using the correct file. It seems I got Umbrel and RTL backups mixed.

Regarding the funds in the wallet, I’m curious why they’re not showing on Umbrel.