Questions and Comments After Exploring Nextcloud

I just upgraded to an SSD for my node and have been exploring Nextcloud a bit… wow. I am thoroughly impressed by how much it can do. Two sections to this post: first a few questions related to Umbrel that have come up now that I am expanding my use of the node and then a brief outline of some of the cooler features in Nextcloud that I didn’t know about till I dug deeper.


  • Has anyone set up backups for lightning services? Now that I am adding (somewhat) critical data to my node storage it would be nice to have it backed up on a second drive. Is this as simple as setting up a recurring rsync of the Nextcloud app_data folder?
  • Has anyone tried to set up a certificate to run the the connections via HTTPS? I know this has come up before - Tailscale has generally served me well, the hangup here is that Apple decives apparently won’t allow calendar or contact syncing over HTTP (even though the connection is effectively local via Tailscale). This would be more of a hack, but it would be nice to get it working.

So in general, there are some features of Nextcloud that won’t work super well when contained within your own network and installed within Umbrel, like federating with other Nextcloud clients or setting up addition external storage, but there are tons of apps that do work and I am finding to be better than other solutions like Google Drive.

A couple less known apps to use with Nexcloud within Umbrel:

  • Joplin - open source, completely free notes app (on all platforms) that uses Markdown and allows syncing and backup to multiple devices via Nextcloud. I am using this in conjunction with Tailscale to connect from remote locations and it is quite remarkable how well it works. I fully plan to ditch other notes apps. The only real missing feature for me is having collaborative notes and to-dos, but I can put those in another place.
  • Cookbook - this one is a bit weird, but it allows you to rip recipes off of websites and save/edit them. I have never found a good digital way to store recipes that I cook at home and have basically been at the mercy of websites changing the recipe or having to copy it all in a word doc to save my own notes. This app lets you build a digital cookbook, which is admittedly niche, but super helpful if you cook a lot at home and don’t have an existing solution.