Rebalancing channels

The RTL app within Umbrel is really handy to rebalance your Lightning channels, which is a prerequisite to start routing for other nodes. You can watch the video below for instructions on how to do this:

However, I noticed that it costs me dozens of satoshis for each transaction to rebalance my channels. Once they are rebalanced, the routing kicks in within an hour, and soon my channels are unbalanced yet again. Other nodes take advantage of the capacity I have on my channels and rebalance their own. Since my fees are set really low I don’t earn back the sats I spent rebalancing. Should I just raise my fees, but then I won’t be routing much if at all. Any advice on this situation?


@btc_ln I have the same question, did you come up with a solution?

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No. But I realize I don’t have to rebalance. The other parties do it for me. :smiley: And those who don’t I don’t mind about.