Setup external SSD, RPi 4 4GB, raspiOS

Greetings all -

I originally had my RPi 4 4GB running Umbrel directly off the SD card, with a 1TB SSD attached for storage. After some power supply issues I eventually rectified, I moved to running piOS on the 4 and installing Umbrel with curl.

It runs great, but it only shows the 16GB of memory for the SD card when I go to system properties. I’ve restarted my Pi a few times to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke. I need instructions for identifying my 1TB Crucial CT1000MX500SSD to Umbrel as the primary storage location for my apps and block chain data. I’ve attempted to find instructions for this process, but am mostly seeing topics on Umbrel bare-metal on the Pi.

the thing is , you can’t run the sd card and ssd setup with the curl cmd . just 1 ssd if you run the curl cmd . the sd card and ssd setup is only if you run umbrel os on your pi so just run it on your 1tb ssd you can flash debian on it .