Umbrel 5.0 Update -- Where is bitcoin.conf?

I had a whole routine down when updating – ssh to the node, update my config.

Now, I see two containers with “bitcoin” in their name and have no idea where the bitcoin.conf file lives.

Is it in “bitcoin_server_1” or “bitcoin_bitcoind_1”? I tried to do some commands like – docker exec < container name > ls -l just to find out what the directory structure is like, but I don’t see it.

Where did it go? Do I have to make a new one? What is going on?

Update – tried to find the file using “find . -name bitcoin.conf” both in the root and inside the container. No dice. Not sure where to create a new one or where it is… 20+ views and no answer? I feel sorry for the newbies that need to config their Bitcoin node…

I’m THIS close to wiping this entire SD Card and either rolling back, or just installing whatever flavor of Linux RasPi will support and just doing it all myself. This is ridiculous.

For those looking for prior releases to potentially roll back –

Older version instructions:

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Hi TallTim, you can create it into: /umbrel/app-data/bitcoin/data/bitcoin/bitcoin.conf

Thanks, but that is utterly weird that there’s no bitcoin.conf in there – it always existed in prior versions. I’ll just create one.

By creating a bitcoin.conf file it will override all the options passed to bitcoind to start. So, if I want to just add anything to the configuration, I need to get all the options from the daemon to put in it too, to respect the Umbrel defaults.

I was wonder if there’s a way to just pass a one more simple option to the bitcoind.

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HI, have you been able to get the exsting configs on the default bitcoin.conf file so your custom created config wouldnt totally override the default?

I am interested in this solution as well.

Can you find it? I am facing the same problem as you. I’m not sure what you guys are saying about the bitcoin.conf file is to recreate it in the directory?