Umbrel and BTCPayServer?

Looking into getting a BTCPayServer instance up and running so I can receive donations and payments on my website.

Encountering some issues and would like some clarifications if possible.

As it stands is Umbrel x BTCPayServer a good/recommended idea?

Clearly one can download it from the App Store.

Though, it looks like there are some issues and I have found some disparate threads examining the following: xpub & TOR.

xpub. It sounds like obtaining an xpub is not possible suing Bitcoin Core and therefore connecting the wallet on my Full Node running Umbrel is not possible.

TOR. Given the Umbrel Full Node is using TOR it sounds like this inhibits some connection between BTCPayServer as well.

Am I correct in identifying these issues?

Any other potential pitfalls to be aware of?

As it stands now it appears as though using my Full Node to host my BTCPayServer instnace is not ideal and will cause further issues or expose privacy if worked around.

With that in mind is there a recommended way to better use BTCPayServer?

I have read getting a dedicated hardware wallet like a Ledger would be a good router as it has a xpub available.

What else am I missing?

Do I still need a way to “host” the BTCPayServer instance and what would I use for that if not the Umbrel Full Noe?

Thanks for any tips!

Use this guide for reverse proxy for BTCPay on Tor

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Thank you for this link this is a very verbose method.

I guess I thought it would be similar in difficulty to setting up the Umbrel, which it is not, which is fine.

I just need to recalibrate my expectations.

Do you, DarthCoin (or anybody else reading), use this method OR have you performed a different method using different hardware, software, etc, to setup the BTCPayServer?

If you want to use/have a BTCPay server for a webshop, I suggest to install directly BTCPay server, from their website/github.
It works perfectly as a BTC/LN node and as a payment processor solution, all in one.
Don’t complicate things with Umbrel if you want just for that.
It’s same easy to install as Umbrel. Just one command to deploy the docker package and you are done.
Umbrel is more complex and is using by default Tor.
Now, if you want all the rest of the apps that Umbrel offers, then you will have to follow that guide and activate clearnet for your BTCpay instance from Umbrel. Works as it was described.

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Great, thank you for the clarification. It appears as though I may want to have more than one full node, each suited for different tasks.

My aim is indeed to have BTCPay server for a webshop. Just looking to accept donations and then work my way towards selling some 3D models and other items.

I do believe in that case I will install BTCPay Server as a stand alone BTC/LN Full Node and keep my Umbrel seperate. Sounds like I ought to buy another RPi 4 with a 1 TB SSD?

Not too familiar with installing from their GitHub. Looks a but more command line based vs download and double click. What is the most straightforward method in your opinion?

I clicked around the documentation and found a myriad of methods, including this very verbose way, though was unable to match these offerings to the “Just one command to deploy the docker package and you are done.”

What page are you pulling said install instructions from?

Are you also using an RPi or did you use a Mac or PC and thus the install is slightly different?

Thank you once again!

If you are not familiar with linux, ytes, everything is complicated and is not just one command.
I installed BTCPay on a PC with Ubuntu and apart from few requisites installed a priori, was literally one command (like Umbrel too).
Their documentation page and github page is full of explanations and methods to install.