Umbrel feature requests

Nope, it’s disabled.

Would be handy to have an option on dashboard to restart each app/service individually.
For example Tor service or just LND. If a specific app hangs but is not necessary to restart the whole node/machine, a simple restart of an app can fix an issue.
Or at least inform the user that the app/service is not running properly


@DarthCoin Not so easy, I guess, because docker services have dependencies like bitcoind depends_on: [ tor, manager, nginx ]. That’s why they are started in a given specific order.

But I agree it would be handy to see if some service has problems. Like a button in green / red on settings page box (plus system info like cpu temp, free/used mem, free space, …)

Bitcoin Core: :red_circle:
LND: :green_circle:
Tor: :green_circle:
Nginx: :green_circle:
Umbrel Frontend: :green_circle:
Electrum Server: :green_circle:


change name of your lightning node easily without using SSH


Change Alias name and color
Ability to run GroundControl on the node - GroundControl App


App requests better on this topic.

Ability to receive email or text alert if the Node is down (node monitoring).


I have a feeling it would be hard to implement that as a feature on the node itself, as when the node is down it wouldn’t have the ability to let you know that it’s down because, it’s down… I know for sure there are services that can ping an address to tell you it’s alive, it would just have to be hosted in the cloud or on another device that’s also always online.

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You can just have the node send a ping every x time, and if you don’t receive any ping for a long time you can assume the node is down and you get notified.

Right, but ping what? You would need something to receive that ping so it could notify you.

The ability to access the xpub (or I guess zpub?) for watch-only wallets.


there’s a telegram bot that can do that, but can’t remember the name now and I think you have to pay for that service

There should be a way to setup a Ping from some remote machine to the Node…if no ping back received sends an alert to email or display.

You can setup a script that checks if the dashboard returns a code word, i.e. “Welcome back”, which is located in the meta tags.

curl -s http://umbrel.local | grep -c "Welcome back"

returns 1 if login page is reachable, returns 0 if not.

Replace http://umbrel.local by your onion address to check remotely.

This is great. This requires user to initiate the ping. It should happen automatically and send message say on mobile or email.

Would it be possible to store automatically channel backups in IPFS or storj?

What do you think about an option to REMOVE FIAT from all user interface?


On the dashboard in the top left underneath the sats/btc balance is an estimated fiat balance.

Would be good if the currency was listed adjacent to it - I presume its USD. It would also be great to change this to other fiat currencies as the Umbrel community is global!

Another idea is the ability to edit your nodes alias, I saw there is a guide provided by the lightning store using SSH, would be handy to do this from the dashboard/settings.

Just noticed in the bottom right corner of the dashboard there is a link to this site!

Links are: | community

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Fiat is garbage.
We are already in SAT standard.