Umbrel LNBits app - Description and basic use

LNBits it’s an amazing app that is adding a suite of features to Umbrel node and users can adapt to their needs.
This app is using the node wallets (onchain and LN) but in adding a separate database for management.
You can use it for multiple wallets, as a LNDhub or specific usage for merchants, content creators, web content, LN ATMs and many others.

LNBits Links:


  1. This app works only behind Tor, so any extension you add/use/create QRs, you will need to use it from the .onion address provided. Do not share this onion address!
  2. Once you open/create a new LNBits wallet, save that address link into your bookmarks. There’s now other way (for the moment) to recover that wallet or login again. The address contain the key to the wallet. Do not share this address!
  3. LNBits is still beta phase, so take that in consideration and do not use it in “production” scenario.

From app extensions we mention:

  • LNurl-pay - a simple way to have a static non-expiring LN QR code for receiving
  • LNurl-withdraw - nice way to create vouchers loaded with sats and others can just scan and withdraw to their LN wallets
  • TPoS - virtual LN PoS for small shops
  • LNDHub - create various LND wallets, for family, employees, customers with different levels of access
  • DJ Livestream - create your own jukebox paid with sats
  • SatsPayServer - extension to create onchain and LN charges
  • Offline Shop - Receive payments for products offline
  • Events - Sell and register event tickets
  • Captcha - Create captcha to stop spam, paid with sats
  • Paywall - Create paywalls for content
  • Subdomains - Sell subdomains of your domain
  • Bleskomat - Connect a Bleskomat ATM to an lnbits
  • Support tickets - LN support ticket system
  • User Manager - Generate users and wallets

And many more extensions to come!

This post will be updated with more content, based on new features or additional information is required.


Wait… so it’s SUPPOSED to clear the wallets / users / extensions every time you start a new session? What the heck is the point of that?!

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Is there a way how to enable LN payment on a website (available for public) and keep my node behind the Tor?

Thanks for you patience :slight_smile:

Yes. it is possible with a bit of technical work. You will need to do a reverse proxy to .onion address and expose the site to regular use or use a VPN to localhost:3007

Hopefully this is an easy one. I’m running Umbrel with Tor and have LNBits installed.
I created a user and wallet in LNBits, then I go to the walelt in LNBits and select “export to Phone with QR code”. From Blue on my iphone, I try to add a Lighting wallet and scan the QR code. The resulting setting that Blue gets from the LNBits QR code has my private IP address of the Umbrel, not the Onion address.

Do I have something configured wrong in LNBits? Or do I need to manually substitute my onion address in place of the private IP?

I’ve watched all of the LNbits videos on Youtube but I haven’t found the answer.

Thanks for any help you can provide or docs you can point me to.

did you actually read this above guide?
Is mention there:
this app works only behind Tor, so open lnbits using tor onion address not local one. The QR is generated using onion.

Usage example

This is just an example of how to connect LNbits wallet, for more using examples please consult LNBits Youtube channel

  • Install in Umbrel the app LNBits. This will activate the option to create various LN wallets on your node, that can be linked using lndhub connection.
  • Create a wallet in your LNbits module, activate the LNDHUB extension and link it to that LNbits wallet. Use the onion address for this procedure, NOT the local IP or umbrel.local. The wallet have to be visible over internet and the only way is through Tor.
  • Save in your bookmarks that wallet address, because is the only way to open it again, the link contain the key to the wallet. New LNbits releases will have a login/authentification page, but for the moment save that wallet link.
  • Open your Bluewallet, go to add wallet, click import and scan the QR code displayed on your LNbits LNDHUB. You have two options: as admin (full rights over the wallet) or invoicing only (limited rights only for creating invoices).
  • REMEMBER: Use Bluewallet under Tor service otherwise will not read that QR code.
  • Done. Now you can use that wallet as a normal LN wallet in Bluewallet, no need for opening channels etc it’s all linked with your LN node, so it depends of your node liquidity. This is a good option if you have a small shop with employees that can charge using LN, without having full permissions to your node.

I did not see this before. Thank you so much for sending it. I will study it and continue my testing.

Thanks for all the good information.