Umbrel Troubleshooting Guide

Edit by moderators: The new, official troubleshooting guide can be found here: Official Umbrel Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ

Huge thanks to DarthCoin for writing and maintaining the previous community version of the guide.

Umbrel BTC and Lightning Wallets status stuck at "Synchronizing"
Error: system service failed
Lost password - reset node
LND doesn't work
Umbrel is still synchronising after update V0.4.2
Starting Umbrel forever
Docker containers failing to start
Can't SSH into umbrel
Problem: Umbrel disaster recovery
Restored wallet - two channels won't close
Getting Started with your Umbrel
Adding Watchtower
Recovery process
Electrs on Umbrel isn’t responding to requests
How to activate Wifi?
How to restore your node wallet (updated)
Updating to 5.0 taking a long time / stuck
Lightning channel stuck in waiting close
Umbrel not recognizing SSD
Starting dashboard ... error
Node stuck on loading screen
Node Stuck at Syncing w/ 1 peer for 6 days - RPI4 w/ Ethernet connection- and flashed and updated sd card
Refreshing my SD card & restarting Umbrel
Lightning channel stuck in "Waiting Close"
Stuck in “Loading Screen”
Docker hub getting worse and worse
Hard Restarting My Node
Umbrel is unavailable after few hours
Synchronizing forever - after latest upgrade
Need help initial startup getting "failed to start docker application container engine"
Please help with Thunderhub
I cannot log in to the terminal
Node stuck on “Starting Umbrel” after a storm and a power outage
My Channels are all closing!... WTF is up? PLEASE HELP
Can't resolve hostname, Tor doesnt start
How to create a Lightning Node Alias?
Umbrel stuck in sync state still after reinstalling os and trying other troubleshooting
Reflash not helping
How do I reflash SSD?
BlueWallet Lightning stalls on installing
Node constantly syncing
Introducing the plug-and-play Umbrel server from The Bitcoin Machines
Problem with 0.4.4 upgrade
Start From Scratch - Compromised Secret Phrase
500 gb have downloaded but 160gb synchronized
Connection to umbrel lost, hardware troubleshooting Raspberry Pi
How to solve Error: Failed to connect external drive
LND `lncli unlock` command 'succeeds' but wallet isn't unlocked
Umbrel Lightning and OpenVPN
Node down and seem unresponsive
Blockchain won't fully sync after running latest update
Stuck downloading new software
Recovery process
Lost password - reset node
How to restore your node wallet (updated)
Had wrong SSD and disconnected while first update, stuck
Problems Opening Thunderhub
How to restore your node wallet (updated)
Umbrel Recover - "User Already Exists"
Custom app passwords stopped working
Cannot restore seed or start new
Onchain and Lightening wallets constantly Synchronising
Force close LND channel but money did not go into wallet
Stuck backing up after failed OS update
Umbrel v0.4.9 installation doesn't start
Stuck backing up after failed OS update
Umbrel 0.4.5 is out with bug fixes and updated apps
Umbrel stuck synchronising, after 0.4.9 upgrade
4.1.0 update wont install
Seed folder has been empty since I tried to restore
Wallets and Core "syncing" but has not for 5 days
Stuck "Deleting previous images..." since 0.4.8 upgrade
Thread 'main' panicked at 'reader failed:
Update SD card to latest umbrel version
Umbrel UI stuck at loading
Node stuck on loading screen
Multiple nodes for school /educational purposes
Cooperative closed channel pending for wk
Receiving "Error: System service failed"
Booting problem: System service failed
Apps stuck on "Starting..."
Umbrel is not in the sudoers file
Apps stuck on "Starting..."
Stuck at "deleting previous images" updating 0.4.5
SSH - Unable to SSH into Node / Unable to unload wallets
Stuck at "deleting previous images" updating 0.4.5
Problem with 0.4.4 upgrade
Make Bitcoin Core listen to LAN peer only
0.4.2, core 22.0, and the new LND update
Rebalancing command LNCLI?
Umbrel on Ubuntu Bare Metal Provider
Umbrel Password set up
Error to create address
Some Issue Installing Apps
Umbrel is unavailable after few hours
Error: System service failed (RPi 8gb)
Error: System service failed (RPi 8gb)
Lightning backups
Problem with my Lightning node, stuck at start
Umbrel system service failed
My Umbrel/Rasberry Pi keeps locking up
Cannot connect to Umbrel!
How to upgrade from Umbrel 0.5.1
Locked LND Wallet v0.5.3
Problem after lightning node update 0.15.3-beta, need some help troubleshooting
Issue with Spectrum routers and Raspberry Pi
BTC Node, Lightning and Electrs all not working
Electrs stuck - reading app logs (and identifying docker processes)
Error when trying to add watchtower on 0.5.1
Unable to enter the recovering seed in Umbrel 0.5.1
0.5.0 Update Failing... or is it?
Channels have been offline for ages
Says "cant connect to external drive" after update
Says "cant connect to external drive" after update
Upgrading my Umbrel caused a channel close?
Lnd stopped working
Umbrel upgrade feature not working
Umbrel not updating to Umbrel v0.4.17 in Linux set up:
Nicknaming Node
Host not found in upstream "" in /etc/nginx/conf.d/nginx-mempool.conf:49
Host not found in upstream "" in /etc/nginx/conf.d/nginx-mempool.conf:49
Can't download apps on my Umbrella
Use previously downloaded blockchain
Closing dead node
Forgot password
LN Network Delayed Sync Issue
RasPi Under-voltage detected! (0x00050005)
Questions after recovering node with seed phrase
Cannot Access Umbrel Dashboard
Cannot update beyond 4.11
All lightning channels offline
Problem installing apps
How to add a friend node?
Umbrel as watchtower
Umbrel died updating to umbrel v. 0.4.16
Umbrel died updating to umbrel v. 0.4.16
Import database
LND Channels not connecting after reboot
New on chain address?
Please help Umbrel Logs show missing deviation parameter
Wallet amount not in sync
Please help Umbrel Logs show missing deviation parameter
Stuck on splash screen, reboot helps
Umbrel Deposit field address empty, Withdraw also not possible
Funds have not returned to Lightning wallet after channel restore
Restored using seed & 4.9, zero BTC balance
Apps remain in starting (but actually work fine)
Apps remain in starting (but actually work fine)
IBD never ends, keeps reverting back
Starting New Containers
Lightning Channel Offline - failed to fetch block hash for height 710764: block not found
Starting New Containers
Can I change Display and Wellcome?
Umbrel 0.4.12 is now out with 4 brand new apps

Thanks! This guide saved me an heart attack. :grinning:


when I input this in the terminal, it asked about a fingerprint and if i was sure i wanted to connect, I said yes and now I am no longer able to input any further commands, is there something I am missing or a different way to achieve this?

Yes, follow the instructions in the screen. It says what you have to do.

I beleive you have to enter the password at the prompt
umbrel@umbrel.local’s password:
(it doesn’t show when typing the password).

And depending on the version of umbrel you are using the older one uses : “moneyprintergobrrr” .

What is the purpose to change the user name? it’s to replace umbrel to login in ssh, that’s all? I did change it thinking it would be my node name, and then find out above that what I was looking for was to change my node alias (and that it’s not recommended).
Should I set back my user name to umbrel or can I leave the new one it doesn’t matter much?

Totally useless. That name is meaningless, generic.
But noobs are confusing it with node public alias name. That is totally other thing.

Ok I will leave it then. I’m one of those noobs, if it’s useless, why it’s mentioned here? At least you could add a line saying that it’s useless so we don’t bother trying to change it.

Because are obsessed with changing useless names :slight_smile:

I was reading the code of Umbrel, and seems all local IPs adresses and names are hardcoded (fixed in the code), so, to run another instance of umbrel in same local network, you’ll have to change some configure files, for every new install, or you will get lots of IP conflicts.

No, why are you complicating things when are so simple.

  1. Set a static IP for each node machine
  2. Use the each IP to access your nodes or just add in your local PC hosts file a different name for each node, like umbre1.local and umbrel2.local

Done. No complicated changes into node code.

The same happened to me and i am still not able to open umbrel.local. Can somebody help us. We are new to this. I know that there are a lot of very intelligent people here that will help the ones than need the most help.

Try the IP instead of umbrel.local
ssh umbrel@IPADRESS
which you will find logging into your modem / router which gives IPs to your devices. See Darthcoins other post 1. Set a static IP for each node machine

Can you run an umbrel node on a raspberry Pi 4 that has installed Raspberry Pi OS ? Or will it erase it ?

Umbrel has its own OS, UmbrelOS (a debian base modified for Pi and node stuff). Yes it have to erase the mSD (when you flash it with Balena). Also the SSD drive should be just an empty drive, no partitioned, no formatted.

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My Umbrella Note’s 100% synchronised is done. What should I do next because he is doing zero Satoshi show in my account.
The channel is also not opening, because there is no balance in my account, so what should I do and how will the balance come?
Plz helppppp :pray::pray::pray:

Hi @mahesh

You need to send BTC/Sats to your node. once the transaction has been confirmed by the blockchain, you can open channels to other nodes.

You will find many channels on the homepage of You are also welcome to open a channel to me. as soon as you have enough remote balance, I like to rebalance the channel. my address is:


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Thanks for reply
I thought I would earn some money.
as you mentioned i need to buy some satoshi
If I have to buy some satoshi Then what will I gain from this node?

You will never really make a profit. the channels cost money, the node consumes electricity and has also cost money. the few satoshi you can earn will NEVER cover your costs. We do all this FOR bitcoin and build a simple payment method.