What apps would you like to be added to the Umbrel App Store?

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Hey all. I’d love to see RPi-Monitor added to the Umbrel App Store. I already manually installed this application for monitoring my Raspberry Pi 4. However not everyone has the technical know-how to do this task and we’re looking to remove all barriers for people running a Bitcoin and Lightning node. It seems like it would be worthwhile for users to be able to monitor their devices to help aid in troubleshooting, maintaining, and updating their devices.


Would love to have a ccs template file that stores theme swatches.
for example lets say umbrel uses a palette of 9 color swatches.
Fonts-main, fonts-faded, background, shadows, highlight, active, inactive, send, receive.

This would make it easier to customize your Umbrel interface.

Obviously not top priority, but nice to have.

Pihole. Right now I’m running a separate pi for it.


Oh yes!!

ION Decentralized Identifiers. Not sure how if it would be possible to implement on Umbrel, but looks very cool.

This is from the project’s Q&A:

***Q: Any plans to make this work on top of bitcoin full nodes?; on top of projects like Umbrel?

I haven’t had time to sort out getting it packaged for this. Would love some help with that from the community, else it will probably take a couple months before we can dig out.


It would be great if it were possible to run an app on the node to manage files in IPFS.

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join market & bisq & hodl hodl are essential!!! and i would actually suggest refraining from non-bitcoin related apps. like in the last release. pepole can have all that on a freedombox. im just pictureing the main “selling point” to umbrel is it being dedicated to being a bitcoin node. when you turn it into a cloud now its a cloud with bitcoin. and if someone is storing files on it dosnt that give the opertunity to invite somthing malicious?


Hi, A Stratum based frontend to monitor my asics and gpu rigs. I dont have any particular suggestions on what app would be suitable to port over but this would be very convenient to have as an option on my node.

Good thinking IPFS integration …

Secondly, I really like Satoshi Bitcoin core statistics logging (Github Repo)

There is a live “Grafana” dashboard at statoshi.info

We can submit our apps to umbrel as per guide here
Packaging App For Umbrel - Git

ipfs-desktop repo

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Storj.io node. Decentralized Cloud Storage

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Thinking after bisq, and join market or wassabi, a tor relay node would be nice. That way users could opt in/out to donate bandwidth to the network we all rely on.

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KODI for sure! And a vpn protected torrent client. Samba network sharing, so file management gets easy.

And a VPN client / server !

Would be a BIG plus if you can use an umbrel VPN app, that makes a VPN connection for your network, the same way that pi-hole can filter out ads when used as the default gateway in your router settings.




Plex would be VERY nice.

Hi Umbrel Team…

I just spotted this and think this is a pretty wicked idea if Umbrel node operators wish to run their nodes publicly / or use a second node as a “Bridge server” for Lightning Addresses

So, you can send #btc to someone’s email address if they are running this. https://lightningaddress.com

lightning poker

Integration of a P2P Exchange such as Bisq


Join market, whirlpool, or wassabi (v2 when its realised?) And Bisq, Bisq, Bisq, more bisq. Or some other dectralized fiat onramp. Is there a bounty program for specific requests?