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Check that the funds in your wallet have confirmed. I’ve gotten this error a few times and its usually a confirmation that hasn’t gone through. Close the opened channel window and try again when funds are confirmed. Reusing that window after a error prompt like that somehow remains buggy.

I deposited everything to umbrel at the same time. It allowed me to make the 500,000 channel

Has the 500k channel confirmed and opened? I think there is a max opening channel limit on Umbrel that might be causing your issue.

ok I was thinking a timing issue. I was able to open a second for 1m and tried another for 1.8m and it will not allow me. I guess I need to wait a while between opening channels. Thanks for all of your assistance. Have a great day, night or whatever it is where you are,

Yes 2 opening channels at once seems to be the max. Once you get between 1 and 3 confirmations you’ll have opened channels and can open more of them.

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Plenty of tutorials already on this forum, why are you not checking them?

checked yours and did not see the error I was experiencing

I don’t see any error, just that you don’t fund your LN node with channels.

Node is up and running. Rules that one out, Node was funded but would not allow transaction. appreciate the help but knowing the issue before a reply would be helpful

I explained the errors and showed screenshots

so read the thread before responding

I saw the screenshots. But you didn’t watched any of those tutorials before.
You asked about tutorials. I gave you the tutorials.
Please watch them all and then you will know where you are doing it wrong.

I watched a dozen tutorials before asking the community. I would rather learn than ask. asking was my last option

No tutorial I saw explained the situation I encountered. Show me one that does.

Did you read the Get Started Guide with Umbrel ?
In the “funding your node” section it is explained there and also with more video tutorials.
As I said there, you could use RTL app or Thunderhub app for better management.
Your lack of knowledge makes you frustrated and you will never see the errors you do because you do not have the patience to read more and watch tutorials.
You just want others to give you an answer quick and without understanding what are you doing.
This is an advice for the future.

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You are muted

With your attitude NOBODY will help you.

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My attitude was fine until some knucklehead assumed I had not looked into tutorials or read up.

still waiting on the tutorial that you said was easy to find showing the issue I was asking about. Thought so

Full_node did an excellent job. You might want to learn from them