I’m thrilled to be a part of this community. I’ve been taking the self-sovereignty journey…well sort of my entire life, it is quite a process of soul development. Working out of the matrix of control is not a short-term project. :milky_way: :ringer_planet: I’m a first-wave Starseed boomer in case anyone has an idea of what that might mean.

I’ve been building Linux boxes since 2001 and exploring the Open Source movement. I’m currently using Linux Mint on my primary build.

My professional field is holistic health, wellness, integrative medicine, clinical nutrition, and naturopathic medicine.

My professional experience (among other vectors) has led me to the realization that all good, real, organic people are up against a control system that does not favor our well-being or freedom.

I am now a committed Bitcoiner and I’m running my own node. I’m looking forward to adding much functionality via Umbrel and adding a node to connect wallets, adding a lightning node, and learning what I can do there. I hope to integrate Bitcoin fully into all my business practices and be a leader in the movement and tie the Bitcoin revolution with the holistic wellness revolution.