Adding Watchtower

I have myNode with Watchtower ON. I would like this node to watch my Umbrel. I found this guide how watchtowers works:

Is it safe to add this line into lnd.conf file:


Will it work? Questioning first, I don’t want broke my Umbrel. Would you recommend this setup? I’m not routing any payments, maybe it’s redundant? Both nodes are on UPS.

Thanks for reply.

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The wtclient.private-tower-uris option has been deprecated as of v0.8.0-beta and will be removed in v0.9.0-beta. To setup watchtowers for the client, set and run lncli wtclient -h for more information.

I suggest to look into

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I’m looking to add a few watchtowers to my Umbrel node.

Is there any easy to follow guide on how to add a watchtower to monitor your Umbrel node?

Is it enough to activate the client by adding the following text at the end of lnd.conf

[Wtclient] (or [Watchtower]???)

And then to add a tower use command:

lncli wtclient add pubkey@address
(Replace “pubkey@address” with the tower’s uri.)

Is that possible with the containers? Does that work with Tor? What happens with updates?