Electrs on Umbrel isn’t responding to requests

For a while now, UTXOs are missing and seem to be a constant state of flux with every wallet rescan or refresh causing me to reuse deposit addresses. The log files suggest electrs isn’t responding to requests from my wallets (sparrow, samourai, specter). There are widespread issues across multiple telegram groups of this issue. Does anyone have a workaround or a solution that I can try as for my daily needs, Umbrel is unusable and I have to fall back on my second node on a different implementation which isn’t ideal.

Thanks guys.

Can you provide logs here?
I was maintaining the troubleshooting manual with lots of answers there. Did you check it?

Hi Darth. unable to upload logs as new user but going through the ts manual now and seeing if I can find any clues. I’d use pastbin but suspect it won’t let me drop links in too. Will get back to you after I’ve exhausted the manual if I don’t have any luck! :slight_smile:

Had a read of the guide and unless i’ve missed something, can’t find the issue.
I’ve pasted the Electrs log here: https://pastebin.com/y46pL91T
and the sparrow log here: https://pastebin.com/NbhffJV1

This is double dutch to me but if you can spot any issues and where I can start to remedy them that would be great :slight_smile:

Looks like your elctrs still didn’t finished.
One of the lines final should “compacting database” and that will take a while to finish, several hours.
Only after that it can be considered functional 100%.
I would have a bit more patience.
All other module logs are OK? I mean do the same command but for bitcoin and tor and lnd.
If you see that bitcoin logs is not at the actual height of blocks and is not mentioning 100% then electrs couldn’t catch up. So will be always in a loop.
Sparrow depends on electrs to be finished. So don’t bother looking to it if you are not sure electrs is finished.

Many thanks for your assistance. Just to clarify…

My umbrel node has been online for weeks now and running pretty well with little downtime. Are you referring to the recent upgrade I did a few days ago? Should I wait longer before trying to access an attached wallet? I’ve included full logs here taken just now. Blockheight is correct yet wallets are still missing many UTXOs and changes to the total amount is frequent.

One of the last updates 0.4.6 If I remember correctly, was updating the electrs server to a new version that is rebuilding the whole database of indexes.
If you skipped that version and jumped into 0.4.8 from a previous version, for sure it was updating your electrs and now is doing that re-building database.
I suggest to wait until you see that electrs finished.

Many thanks. I’ll leave it along for a week and then check the logs and see if it’s caught up.

For me, when I updated that version with new electrs, took 2 days to be fully functional. I don’t think should take longer for you.

Strange. I updated to latest version on the day of it’s release. Can’t remember the date but more than a week ago.

The process is ending with that line
compacting database
Then when that compacting is done, you will just see for each new block a line like this
chain updated: tip=000000000000000000017c21ce1442b221c6ea64d651e3e36aa21973bce835bd, height=711381
with the last block height.
That means your electrs is working fine and is indexed.

chain updated: tip=000000000000000000017c21ce1442b221c6ea64d651e3e36aa21973bce835bd, height=711381 confirmed. Errors on sparrow retrieving wallets…

Now I have to assume that the issue is part of Sparrow? Samourai wallet also displaying incorrect UTXOs.

Did you have running as service Tor in background?
That is a must.

TOR running in background.
I uploaded my pubs to electrum wallet and pointed it at umbrel and everything loaded correctly may be this is a sparrow/samourai issue after all. I’ll head over to their support and see if they can shed any light. Their dev Craig Raw is usually pretty active in the TG. Will report back

If Electrum is connected well, then also Sparrow and Wasabi should connect behind Tor to your node.
Be sure you follow all the steps in the “connect wallet” instructions.

Wasabi working fine. Electrum working fine. Just Sparrow and SW dojo not syncing correctly. Followed connect wallet instructions to sparrow which are pretty self explanatory but still no love. UTXOs all over the place and missing.