Lost password - reset node

So I setup the node, changed the password (but my password manager didn’t save it) so I am locked out of the node.

I am able to SSH to the login prompt, but don’t have the password.
I am able to get on the console, but don’t have the password.

I have reimaged the flash drive, but it didn’t reset back to the initial password (so is it stored on the SSD drive?)

Should I totally wipe the SSD drive AND flash the MicroSD card?

I have about 1M satoshi in the BTC wallet (not the Lightning wallet) and have the seed phrase so I can recreate that, but am curious as to why a reflash of MicroSD doesn’t reset the node?

Can someone confirm my suspicion (its on the SSD drive) and give confirmation of wiping the SSD drive is needed as well in order to completely reset the node (so I can recover wallet with seed phrase)?

Just being cautious.